Main research interests

My research focuses on the intersection between curation, exhibition design and memory making in interactive new media art. As interactive new media often challenges established knowledge in the aforementioned fields, it is necessary to create new knowledge that allows for a more inclusive, interactive and reactive artform that resists conservation efforts and the removal of audience participation in artworks.

Other research interests of mine include art video games, ar, vr and the expressive opportunities offered by these new art forms.

Game Arts Curators Kit

The Game Arts Curators Kit—GACK—was conceived during the first meeting of GAIA (Game Arts International Assembly) in November 2019, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With the collaboration of various experts in the field, we created a resource for game exhibition organization, design, and curation.

The document and its ongoing wiki will serve as a statement of purpose and consultation for curators, producers, and institutions involved in video game curation and event organization. This document will also serve as a guidebook and networking tool for those who want to get involved in the field of video game exhibition and event coordination.

The collective authorship of this document represents the collaboration of practitioners directly involved in this movement. In comparing our experiences during the Game Art International Assembly (GAIA) Symposia held in 2019 and 2021, we found that similar models supporting the development and exhibition of video games within local and regional communities have organically developed in different parts of the world. The events, organizations, and other support structures created by the individuals in this group realized their participation in an international game art network. Though it’s still in a nascent stage, we recognize that the support of such a network provides an infrastructure critical in developing and maturing creative media.

This toolkit is an attempt to document at least a portion of the collective experience of this group to share it broadly with other video game curators and organizers or those who may consider joining our international network. Though our individual missions may vary, our collective goal is to strengthen and broaden this global support network for current and future members. While one group has defined the initial goals of organizing games in public, these goals will shift and evolve after you, the reader, define your own.

The Manual for the Curation and Display of Interactive New Media Art

My PhD research was focused on the creation of a manual that could respond to the specific needs of interactive new media art in the field of exhibition curation and its overlap with other processes of curatorial practice, conservation and memory making. The manual is the result of a three year international research project that allowed me to survey the techniques and methodologies of academics from the Americas and Europe in order to develop a manual aimed at non-specialized museum professionals looking to curate interactive new media art.